Working to pay for my return to Hawaii

Back in Fresno 1961

I vow to return to Hawaii – I took my car off of the blocks and was ready to go to work. I wanted to earn enough money to get back to Hawaii. I got a job as an electrician for the low pay rate of $3.00 per hour working in a hot attic. I felt so strongly about wanting to return to Hawaii that I was willing to work for low wages. Part of the job was putting up wiremold raceway which was a type of wiring that I had never done before. I thought it was such a shame to run conduit from the ceiling light down the wall that I told myself I would never do that on my own when I got into business for myself. But I did what the boss said and saved my money.

Another part of the job was working on some wiring in the attic. In the summer time in Fresno it can get up into the hundred degree temperature range and higher and when you’re working in an attic on a sunny day which is most every day in the summer it can get pretty darn hot.

My added problem was that I wear glasses and I was working on over a junction box that was on the attic floor. I was facing down in order to see what I was doing. It was so warm up there that the perspiration from my head created pools of water in the center of my glasses where I was trying to look through the lenses. It was kind of annoying but I got the task done.  it just further committed me to get back to Hawaii where and the trade winds.

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  1. Okay so it was back to Hawaii, and Manoa Valley to ride on your easy rider to pick up chicks. I couldn’t resist the comment. But, back then it was the times to go mate hunting, or just to have ‘wild’ fun, I guess. I was too knee deep in survival. And yup, you didn’t make things any easier Those were tough years for me. But, I survived. When you get your package you will see two generations down the line and that the richest school on the hill where Trustees made million dollars per year hovered over Hawaiian children. I hope you like the t-shirts and things.

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