Twist City

One small business that did work out pretty well was called Twist City. In 1962 chubby Checker was big on the radio. Here again it was Fred’s idea to rent a ballroom right in the middle of Waikiki on Kalakaua  Avenue.  As part of the promotion we gave away free tickets on the radio. I rode my bicycle down the sidewalk handing out business cards with the date and time of the dance event.

On the night of the dance I sold tickets at the door and kept track of the money. Fred took care of the rest of the deals like finding a band, booking the ballroom at  the Princess Kapiolani hotel and so on. It was pretty successful. I remember at the end of the night we went back to the apartment and dumped out the money bag so we could count it. It made the smell of money throughout the whole room. I will never forget that.

So we thought well let’s do it again. Maybe it’ll work on the big Island  and we can travel too. As how I ended up over there but unfortunately by the time we got a local band and a venue and promoted it, the turnout wasn’t very good. In tking to one of the locals it turned out to the people in the band where their friends and why do they need to pay money to come see them when they could see them on the beach or locally for free.

Now it was time to head back to Oahu, and Fred was ready to go, but I thought here’s an opportunity. Since I’m already on the Big Island why not stay a little while and travel around as a tourist.  I paid my share of the car to Fred.  I drove him to the airport and started some traveling.

I drove around and one time I took a picture of the road up on the side of the mountain away from the beach. The road was narrow and  paved but only the width of a single car. They did have a white line going down the middle so that if two cars had to pass they could see where the dividing line was and put one wheel in the dirt and one wheel on the pavement.  I did not see any other cars.

After while I was ready to see another island and I decided rather than going back Oahu I would have the bike sent by barge to Maui.

Continued as – I sold my car to a Hawaiian



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