Around Hawaii by motorbike in 1962

50Cc Tohatsu
50Cc Tohatsu

I was traveling around the outer Islands, this time the magic island of Maui. I traveled between the islands by air plane and I shipped my bike by inter Island barge, but that’s another story.

I had driven all the way around the island to Hana on a road that is well known to be very long and very curvy. Not so good for a car, especially if you tend to get car sick, but terrific for a motorcycle, although it is still a bit long. On my arrival in old Hana, I did a little bit of sightseeing and then it was time to look for a place to camp. My attention was drawn to a local Hawaiian “bro” driving a relatively big Harley Davidson. I waved him down and asked him for directions. We told a few travel stories. Eventually he asked me if he could borrow my little 50cc Tohatsu motorbike to show his friend who works at the Hana Airport. He thought it was a cute bike, and so do I. I am sure you know what a Harley Davidson looks like.

I said okay, you can borrow my bike, but let me ride your bike while you are gone. He agreed and then he asked me if I could make the motorbike exhaust louder so his friend would hear him coming. I said yes I can. I removed the exhaust muffler insert. He was happy and I could hear the reverberations of the exhaust all the way out to the flat lands of the peninsula and the airport.

I tried driving his Harley Davidson motorcycle. It is big and heavy when you compare it to my little tiny motorbike that was so small that I could lug it over a small stream or gully if needed. I remember driving the Harley down a slight hill that had a stop sign at the bottom. When I stopped the Haley started to tilt to the right.  I wasn’t sure I could hold it up, and I definitely didn’t want it to fall over, so I had to release the brakes and slowly roll through the intersection to catch my balance. I drove around the area a little bit while i waited for my new friend. It was my first experience riding a Harley Davidson. I really preferred my little mini bike.

I ended up sleeping on a pleasant ocean beach. Instead of sand, the area between the trees and the ocean was filled with a lava field of “Oo” which are hollow lava balls the size of baseballs, but that’s another story about popping coals on to my air-mattress and a Hawaiian local inviting me to stay in his house.

Written 2014 (c) John A. Peters 2016

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