Stories Yet to be Written

Life Stories, Fresno
Plexiglass airport
Radio Control airplanes – It flew away
Raising sheep – a pack of wild dogs killed them and the solution
As a Teenager
Tearing off the roof Grand Pa’s house and moving it to our property
Have Energy Will Travel and Fred Randall
Under the house, running the sewer pipe and foundation framing
Earlier as a pre-teen
Sewing class in 4-H to make a sail for the canoe
Making a sail for the oldtown canoe
Re-canvasing the Oldtown Canoe
Canoeing in a very clear Lake in the Sierras
Sierra Singles in my 20’s
Backpacking in the Sierras
Car camping in the sierra Nevada’s
Day hiking with the Sierra singles
Envelope stuffing party’s lives in Sierra singles
Oahu, Hawaii
The Beach-house
The Up-valley house
Real to real recording of borrowed LPs
Photographing the drag races.
Photographing the rodeo
Maui, Hawaii
Tohatsu 50cc cycle
On the barge to Maui
Thanksgiving, no dinner caned beans
Sleeping on the beach
Biking to Hana
Trading bikes for a showoff ride to the airport

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