Small Business We Tried Out

Now that I’m back in Hawaii is time to get serious about money.Fred thought of various ways  to start  a business. One of them was that we should grant some rickshaws and pool tourists around Waikiki. Fred’s a little more athletic than I am that wasn’t too much in favor of that he went ahead and did it for a while.

Another idea was to take advantage of the old  refrigerators in the back lot of the international marketplace where Fred was working. He got permission to use them and store coconuts inside. The idea was to cool them down and then sell them to the tourists were refreshing drink . You take a machete and chop off the top of the coconut green shell put in a straw and you’re ready to sell it. One problem was it took two or three days before the coconuts would get chilled because there natural  insulating  outside hull.

(c) 2014 John A Peters

Fred came up with another idea. We rented cold dispensing backpacks.  it’s too bad that by the time I got back to Hawaii King command man they had already passed  in June and out was July but there was some kind of a small holiday that drew lots of people into the streets. We walked around with these things on her back hose comes over your right shoulder and over your left shoulder youcould grab for a cup sent it to your customer. This one brought in some money but it was only a one holiday things so it wasn’t the long-term viable business.

Fred got himself a job at the international marketplace Corporation. bedtime and a large central grassy area called the greensward where they presented free Hawaiian dancing every evening. I was envious of the job and Fred is tired of the job so somehow we worked out a deal where we were able to split the office boy job.  We each worked every other day.

It worked out pretty well for a while but later on I had to take on the job full time after complaints of lost instructions, due to the changing of the guard each day.




For a while I had the luxury of having income from California Unemployment Insurance for the work I did in Fresno over the summer.


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