I sold my & got a motorbike.

I sold my car to a local Hawaiian

I was on the Big Island and I was getting ready to fly back to Honolulu.
I had already bought a 50 cc Tohatsu motorbike from a couple of students who were heading back to college. They wanted about $200 but I said how about $150 because I’m going to save you the cost of shipping it by barge back to Oahu. There were two of them and one of them agreed to my price so now I could travel more easily, and a gallon of gas would go a lot farther. Not only that I can comp on the beach without having to have a big car drawing attention to my little  overnight camp site.
Now I wanted to sell my car that Fred and I had purchased for $200 or $100 each. It was a De Soto Hawk which I thought was a nice looking car.  I sold it to a local Hawaiian “Bro” for $200, but he had a shortage of money. Before he finished the payments he ran the car off the edge of the road. Everything was ok except that the windshield cracked. He wanted to return it to me but I had to say no.  I told him you don’t have to pay me the rest of the money, but do me a favor.  You were telling me about how your family dries the fish up on the roof. Let me see it.  He took me to his parents place and we went up on the roof where there were lots and lots of fish spread out and drying in the sun.
(c) John A Peters 2014

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  1. This is interesting, but I where were you on Big Island? About the fish drying on the roof, my mouth is salivating for dry fish. Do you remember his name and not just some ‘bro’. And where was his house? Did you go to Miloli’i? That was so kind of you to give him a break on not being able to follow through on money. What year was this? More elaboration please. Did you eat fish? Did you eat poi? Hopefully if you did that you didn’t mix it in with milk and sugar?

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