Steel Wheels . . .

One day in the about 1959, my friend Fred and I took some old steel  roller skates and removed the clamps and nailed them on to some short pieces of  2×4 wood. In those days there was no such thing as polyurethane skate wheels. The wheels we had were not today’s soft and smooth skateboard wheels but harsh, hard riding, rough, noisy, slippery steel wheels.

Fresno is relatively flat, with no hills to skate down so we went to the Fresno County Free Library building in down town Fresno. There is a wheelchair accessible ramp in the front of the building. We used it to experiment with these two crude skate boards. Of course the skates were noisy, dangerously slippery and didn’t work very well. After a while we got chased away by security and that ended the fun, but we knew that someday there had to be a better way.

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