Camping on Maui+

Sleeping on the Sand  (Can be comfortable)

During my travels on Maui and other islands I traveled by mini bike. I took just the minimum amount of light weight sleeping gear needed to have a nice economical vacation. After a short time i figured out that all I needed was an army surplus rain poncho and a large double bedspread.

The temperature in the Islands varies by only about 5° from the day time to the evening. It’s also about 5° warmer in the summer than the winter. So when I travel during the summer I really didn’t need any more bed covering than the above.

Most of the time I spread the poncho out on the sand and used the bedspread as a cover, not so much for warmth, but to keep the mosquitoes away if they were present. If it rained I did the reverse and put down the bedspread on top of the soft sand and then spread the poncho on top to keep the rain off. On the good side, it very seldom rained. Most of the rain falls on the higher elevations.

The one exception was when I was on the big Island in the city of Hilo. I was trying to sleep in an area that turned out to be off-limits because of the previous Tsunami.

There is more to this story. Rain gradually wet the grass and my bed,  orders to move out tomorrow, cement floor storage room, hotel up one story, Japanese tea house, rice.


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