Aries Electric aka The Leather Shop Inc.

In order to get my electrical contractor’s license I had to have a net worth of at least $1,000 or more. At that time (1972) I did not have that much money, so I worked out a deal with a friend and employer named Ronnie Ciancarulo. I took the CSLB test and got my license under his company name so the licensee would have enough net worth. So the funny thing was, my first electrical contractor’s license was named “The Leather Shop Inc.” Of course people continually asked me – What’s the deal with an electrician named The Leather Shop?

Eventually I earned more money and increased my net worth enough to get my own license. Even so money was not that plentiful. I remember one time I got behind on my federal income taxes and one day two big, tall IRS agents came up my stairs and demanded payment. I told them I would be paying soon and they said “No you’re paying now.” I said what about my operating capital? They said “You’re paying now”. So I did.

Things gradually got better and eventually I married Catherine and we moved into my current house.  I picked up some employees as business grew and now I have a reasonably successful company.

Previously around 1970 I worked for Brookline Electric Inc. owned by John Brookman. It was a union job. In 1994 Brookline Belisle Electric Inc. was for sale and I purchased it for $40,000. My original company name was Aries Electric  and I thought by purchasing Brookline, I could double my business. Well that did not happen but I did increase it by half again and it helped a lot. I’m still continuing in business to this day, but now I do everything myself specializing in same-day service calls.  (C) 2016 John A Peters

I very much enjoy my work.

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