Alaska by Plane, Coach, Train & ship

Alaska in June 2013

Alaska Tour 2013 – June 13-23

June 12 Wednesday SFO
3 AM up for Super Shuttle
Alaska Airlines. We are here but the counter is not open till 5 AM
Transfer planes in Seattle

Westmark Hotel
Walk to museum, Halibut custom fish hook
Oro Restaurant

The coach had only 4 of us on 40 passenger bus to the train
8 hour Train to Denali breakfast, lunch Mt McKinley unusually clear
Bus from Train to Denali Chalet Resort

June 15 Saturday DENALI #1
All day school tour of the Tundra above tree line
CP buys a vest

Side by side 2 person ATV up a rocky trail and through the water and mud.


Helicopter landing on Mt Debora glacier – photo by J Peters

Dinner Pizza and the Cannibal joke. The water is cold in Alaska.
I will try to serve your command
I walked to the river
Breakfast should be$20 but they lower it

June 16 Sunday Leave Denali
Take the coach to Seward
The coach’s AC went bad
We had to stop in Fairbanks Ice Cream
New coach and on to Seaward
Holland America SS Zaandam 8 PM Sailing
Stateroom on deck 6 with the veranda passengers
Dinner reservation for 6 8 PM for a shared table
Back to our room
Front desk sent us to the ships store for underwear
Cathy is having a melt down

June 17 Monday At sea sailing toward Glacier Bay
Next morning luggage is delivered, now John has a melt down
Mondrian Lounge Excursions talk South through Alaska
Photography class – beginner camera. Learn to use your digital camera.
Photo editing Edit your photos like a pro
Dinner with a gentleman who built a 60 foot crawler for Oil Companies

June 18 Tues GLACIER BAY 2
Heading North for the second day in glacier Bay all day
Walk outside and to the bow of the ship
Ranger talk – Alaskan native culture native views of glacier Bay.
Crow’s nest going north ranger talk in the crow’s nest
See glaciers out the ship’s window
Now we are heading back south again.
Learn to navigate Windows 8
Dinner for six, See the sunset, volunteer couple.

June 19 Wed HAYNES
Haynes three-hour bicycle ride.
I took a short nap on the pier.
4×4 mules for the 3-1/2 hour ride up the pack in shock a mountain trail one 39.95
Glacier viewing by sea plane
Lodge salmon feast salmon baked feast and five glaciers by seaplane $297.95

June 20 Thursday JENEAU
Tantu Glacier Lodge _______
Whale watching and well a request on a catamaran with naturalist hundred 29.95
Formal Dinner #1

Zip line Rain forest canopy expedition. 2-1/2 hours $176
Keep your photos organized. And Windows Live
Sail at 7 PM
Pm dinner 2 navy guys14 year old party giver
Rocking roadhouse Musical .

At sea to Vancouver, Canada resurvey thousand meals a day disembark Talk at the theater
Meet the new Windows
Get creative with photo editing.
Tex Burke
Dinner a bit early teacher again, who got $125 cruise

June 23 Sunday VANCOUVER
Sunday bus to the airport 2 hour delay.
UAL direct Super Shuttle and unpack.
Chinese meatball soup
End of trip.